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Boiler Made Campaign

Indiana Kitchen Sponsorship Campaign • Purdue University Athletics • 2019

Stadium signage • radio • print media • social media

Indiana Kitchen is a Midwest-based premium pork producer and maker of the #1-ranked bacon in its own home state. With Purdue University right in its own backyard, Indiana Kitchen wanted to root for the home team itself---a shrewd move to "piggyback" on Purdue's strong brand affinity within the region and build deep rapport with local consumers.


This Boiler Made campaign is the sequel to Indiana Kitchen's 2017 "Pete Wasn't Raised on Kale" campaign. The campaign headline puns on Purdue's athletic nickname, the Boilermakers. The simple change from "maker" to "made" lets Purdue fans know that this isn't just a locally made brand of premium pork products---it's literally made by Boilermakers, too, whether Purdue grads or lifelong Boilermaker fans.

The campaign was brought to life across stadium signage (Jumbotron, ribbon boards, etc.) print media (full-page ad in event program), radio (commentator endorsements), and social media. Below are a number of the images used for ticket giveaways on Facebook and Instagram.

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