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Power Target

SEO-Driven Content Marketing

Power Target is a fast-growing platform that helps consumers make better energy decisions in the US. Part of their portfolio includes sites like and These sites make it absolutely foolproof simple for residents and businesses in the 29 deregulated energy states to find the local utility company that can most effectively and affordably supply their energy needs.


To help raise their digital profile, I write timely and relevant SEO-focused articles to keep their sites ranking high.


SEO Articles for

"What Happens When My REP Goes Out of Business?" November 2023

"5 Most Energy Efficient Buildings in the U.S." October 2023.

"When is the Best Time to Shop for Electricity in Texas?" October 2023.

"TDU Delivery Charges Update: What This Means for Texas Electricity Bills," October 2023.

"The Chronic Problem with the Texas Power Grid: Power Outages," September 2023

"How Much Energy Does My Restaurant Use?" August 2023

"Best Home Energy Monitors," August 2023

"BGE Rate Increase October 1st: What Marylanders Need to Know," August 2023

"How Do I Reduce Waste in my Business?" July 2023

"The Top 5 Most Eco-Friendly Hotels in the U.S." June 2023

SEO Articles for 


"Best Electric Vehicles of 2023 and 2024," November 2023

"About EV Tax Credits," October 2023

"All About Charging Your EV," August 2023

"Should I Buy an EV? Electric Vehicle Ownership 101," July 2023

"How to Start a Solar Farm," June 2023

"How Much Does a Solar Farm Cost," June 2023

"World Environment Day 2023," May 2023

"The Growing Trend of Greenwashing," April 2023

"Earth Day 2023," April 2023

"The Willow Project: What This Means for America," April 2023

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